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KBZ Bank Interest RatesKanbawza Bank or KBZ Bank is a major bank in Myanmar/ Burma. It was established in 1994 and has 39 branches around the country.... read more

KBZ Bank Discussion Activity

  • KBZ Savings Account - Savings
    Q: What is the saving account rate for US Dollar

    Viroj Limsnit from Bangkok, Thailand
  • KBZ Bank 1 Month Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Can foreigner open saving and fixed deposit account at KBZ bank? How much percentage of interest rate given for foreigner? How much minimum for opening an account, and what is the maximum deposit amount? any limitation for foreign account?

    teh chee wei from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
  • KBZ Bank 1 Month Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: What if i wish to change from saving to fixed account, what are the things i need to provide from my end? Let's say i am holding 1 month fixed deposite account, how often the interest will go to my account?

    Khaing from Yangon, Myanmar [Burma]